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Fwd: Woo Hoo! Exciting News from Summer Dreamers!

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Subject: Woo Hoo! Exciting News from Summer Dreamers!


Hello Past Summer Dreamers Academy Activities Providers!


It may be cold outside, but the past few days have been quite busy for the Summer Dreamers team! As you hopefully saw, on Tuesday some exciting news was released related to Summer Dreamers and our participation in the Wallace Foundation's Summer Learning Demonstration Study.


The first wave of findings, looking at student performance in the fall, just after campers attended the 2013 Summer Dreamers Academy and returned to school as 4th graders, shows that children who attended SDA gained a meaningful advantage in math compared to their peers who applied but were not accepted. The impact was equal to about 20% of what 3rd grade students learn in a year! These findings were consistent across all 5 participating Districts, and we had even greater outcomes in Pittsburgh! (More about our local results will be shared on January 22nd.)


In ELA, the evaluation showed no meaningful advantage for children who attended any of the 5 district programs, based on assessment of reading comprehension and vocabulary skills; however it did identify a few key factors that correlated with positive outcomes. Specifically, grade-level teaching experience (having a Summer Dreamers teacher who had taught 3rd or 4th grade during the school year), instructional quality (as measured by an observation rubric developed by RAND), and site orderliness (having clear and effective plans for handling misbehavior, and minimizing bullying).


We're thrilled by the outcomes in math, and, while the ELA findings were initially disappointing, we are considering how we can most effectively connect our efforts with the District's early literacy work to hopefully make meaningful gains with younger students, whose fundamental reading skills are still developing.  Additionally, we are looking at other local level data, including DIBELS, in hopes of gaining further insight in to potential areas of impact.


THANK YOU for your hard work and involvement in Summer Dreamers.  You, along with your staff, played a key role in these results! We appreciate all that you have done to ensure that our campers benefit from a high quality summer learning experience.


You can learn more about these initial findings at, and we look forward to the release of additional findings, including impacts on school year attendance rates, behavior, and state test scores, which will come out in the summer.


For those of you with whom we will be partnering again for 2015, I look forward to connecting with you throughout the spring as we think more deeply about how to utilize this information to further strengthen Summer Dreamers for this coming summer and beyond. In the meantime, please share this exciting news with your colleagues and staff, and feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts, questions, or ideas!

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Insight Timer App by Brad

Swimmers Rule! Watch this video and see if you can feel the fluid connection too.

"When You Say You're a Swimmer" from Chris Shimojima on Vimeo.

Fwd: The Keynesian Toolbox Is Empty -- Plus, My Show Just Got Twice As Useful

Check out these podcasts.

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Subject: The Keynesian Toolbox Is Empty -- Plus, My Show Just Got Twice As Useful
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December 9, 2014
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My Show Just Got Twice As Useful

The new made its debut last week! No longer are we using that page on for the Tom Woods Show. The show can now be found right on -- and with full-fledged, helpful show notes for each episode!

Please, do me a favor and click this link to see an example. Every single episode will look like this from now on. Enjoy!


Just Added Course #12!

The great Gerard Casey, professor of philosophy at University College Dublin, and author of Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State, just submitted course number 12 at The History of Political Thought, Part II. All the major thinkers, and some minor ones, from the sixteenth century to the present are here, from Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Robert Nozick, Murray Rothbard, and John Rawls. Click here for the lecture titles!

Jan 24, 2015
Mises Circle in Houston
Houston, TX

April 9, 2015
American University
Washington, DC

April 25, 2015
Event in the works!
Montreal, Canada

May 22, 2015
Event in the works!
Dublin, Ireland

How and Why the State Thrives on Fear

Connor Boyack is the author of Feardom: How Politicians

David Stockman: The Keynesian Toolbox Is Empty

The Keynesians have had their way, and the result is sluggishness, even retrogression, and a global bubble economy. David Stockman brings sanity to it all.

Income Inequality: Non-Solutions to a Non-Problem
Nineteen ways income redistribution harms society.

The International Man on How, Where, and Why to Diversify

It's not just for the rich -- the whys and hows of spreading your income streams, employment, digital presence, and more across the world!

Maximize Your Results, Minimize Your Time: Five Tips for Learning Liberty

In this episode Tom talks about how to learn as much about liberty -- history, economics, philosophy -- as you can with the least expenditure of time.

Anarchy, History, Homeschooling, and More

Tom talks to Jeff Berwick about history, education, homeschooling, how to win people over, and more.

Tom on the African-American Conservatives Show

Tom discusses a variety of issues as a guest on African-American Conservatives.

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Fwd: Meet Your Classmates and Get an A+ Demo

I love technology. I love open source software. I love inviting folks to "come with me" and check this out. If you are a want-a-be techie, check out this demo on LiveCode, an open source software package that allows you to author computer programs and mobile apps.


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Subject: Meet Your Classmates and Get an A+ Demo


Real People Create It With LiveCode

Discover... They're your colleagues. Your next door neighbors.
Your best friends. They're people like you, creating it with LiveCode.
Join us for a demo this Thursday, December 11th at 10am PST.
Find out what you can do in the Create It With LiveCode course.
See what people are already doing below.

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Music to a Brooklyn Rapper's Ears

Al - As a rapper, artist, writer and publisher of "DA INDUSTRY INSIDER", AL NYCE, a Brooklyn-native wants to digitize his magazine to create an interactive and "mind-blowing" experience. His magazine bridges the gap between artists and and the music business, so AL NYCE was looking for more than just any eBook maker, he needed to make a full app. But having never programmed before, Al was nervous until he discovered "Create it with LiveCode" and enrolled immediately.
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Bringing Harmony and Balance to a
Chinese Programmer

Chi - As a professional programmer for over 15 years, Chi saw the need for Chinese Medical Doctors to connect with their patients via their mobile devices - the iPhone and Android. He also knew doctor's offices use both Windows and Mac desktops. As as experienced programmer, Chi understood the issues surrounding creating one App for all these platforms. Plus he needed to support multi-languages - Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. LiveCode's multi-platform and new Unicode functionality instantly convinced Chi to "Create it with LiveCode". Problem solved.
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Unique Boutique Hotel Experiences
with One Click

Hayk - With a Phd in Management, Hayk has been teaching and organizing start-up competitions for years and has dabbled in programming. Recently, Hayk became interested in tourism, particularly unique boutique hotel experiences. He needed to create an online and app booking experience and link them with the front desk and desktops around the hotel. After discovering he only needed to learn LiveCode for web servers, apps and desktops - Hayk made the smart choice to "Create it with LiveCode".
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UBOOK 24/7: A Scheduling Solution
For Solopreneurs

Pennie - After working in the corporate world for decades, Pennie wanted to switch careers and create an app for solopreneurs such as therapists, trainers, coaches and others. Pennie discovered that her clients needed a reliable contact and scheduling system so she hired contracting firms in the US and India to build and create her app idea. After receiving non-workable systems with bugs and huge bills, Pennie decided to "Create it with LiveCode" on her own.
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A School Virtual Office Assistant
So You Can Focus on Teaching

Wendy – As a marketing communications & PR professional, Wendy worked for General Electric, IBM and others. She left the corporate world to raise her three boys and switched to small business consulting. One of her clients, the owner of a small guitar music school, wanted to build his business but was overwhelmed by paperwork. An app was the solution, but the available school/class management software was overwhelming and unaffordable for her client. She saw an opportunity to create a new startup and after discovering that LiveCode allows her to use a simple English like language to code, she enrolled in "Create it with LiveCode".
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From Wall Street to Main Street

Peter – After leaving Wall Street and the finance world, Peter was determined to find a new career path. He researched different businesses and identified a huge need for a property management software. LiveCode provided him everything he needed - connecting legacy real estate systems and web services to lists of apartment rentals, online payment systems for rent and sending reminder emails. Peter enrolled in "Create it with LiveCode" because it covers all the different aspects of programming he needs to create complex software.
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Allow us to demonstrate
This Thursday, December 11th at 10am PST, we're hosting an Hour of Code and demonstrating what Create It With LiveCode looks like by making Apple's go-to Calculator app.  Informative.  Fun.  Don't miss your chance to create your idea.  Sign up!
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